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Font color blends in with background

Donovan NealDonovan Neal Posts: 1Member
Have been using this app daily for several years.
Today (may 14) I encountered a new problem. Typically read Bible in low light mode, with black background and white font. Aftet launching app today, everything worked (I.e. I could read devotional text, friends activity, etc) in night time (low light) mode other than the Bible.
In the Bible, it seems the font is black also and therefore blends in to the black background and cannot be seen.
When I changed the font settings from low light mode back to normal, the background is now white and font is black, however I am unable to see any underlines when highlighting.
Problem appears to be a setting which differentiates font color from the background color. Please help


  • Alan HaggardAlan Haggard Posts: 398Moderator mod
    Sounds like you might need to clear cache. Look in the help docs for an article about "general troubleshooting". 
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